Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions mentioned below are essential to read by our valuable clients. Please go through each of the terms and conditions to understand and follow the formalities related to our services. Once you select our services, you are abiding to follow the company’s legal agreement.

At any time, the company has the complete right to make alterations by adding or removing the clause. As soon as you select our services, you accept our terms and conditions with a right to make any modifications to the clauses mentioned below.

Order Placement

Placement of Order

If you wish to place the order, you must provide the correct personal information, including the email address and phone number/s. The company will not be held responsible, and no support will be provided if there is a delay in submission due to the wrong details of the client.

Payment Policy

The order of assignment/s will only be started once the payment is done in full amount. The client is responsible for paying in full while placing the order, as it may affect the submission data and further lead to urgent order criteria and charges.


The experts are instructed to work on the order according to the guidelines and material provided by the client. Therefore, the instructions should be clear and correct. If the material or instructions given by the client are not clear and found to be complex, or even if there is a delay in providing the information while placing an order, the company is not responsible for the delay in work.

In addition, if the instructions are changed from the original, once our submission is prepared, the company will not accommodate the client for a free revision or redo of the draft. Additional charges would be applied for any change of material or instructions. The company is only responsible for revisions based on the original instructions.

Placement of a Wrong Order

The company or its experts are not responsible if the wrong order is placed. The company has a right to refuse the delivery of the order. If the information provided is inconsistent or does not link with the original order or the instructions given are unclear, it may cause further changes in the assignment, which would cause additional charges if the client makes any further requests. Hence, ensuring the order is clear, concise and understandable is important.

Draft Request

The client can request the order or project draft. However, this is not applied in case of urgent orders or assignments that are 3 to 48 hours.


The company has the authority the cancellation of placed orders in the case of a gap in cooperation and communication. Circumstances involving fraud in the request from the client, the company will proceed with their investigation of the scenario and will decide based on the company’s inspection. The company can call off the order with no compensation.

The client can terminate the contract through non-attendance or not contacting the company for orders.

Revision Policy

The company allows revision of the assignment within 2 weeks after delivery. The Company charge no cost for revisions from the client. Additional charges will add up for revisions and edits after a duration of two weeks.

The company has the right to deny the request for revisions based on a contradiction in provided information in the original proposal and revision. In case the information in the original document and the revision request match, the company will not charge the client for the revision within 14 days.

Originality Check

Software for Plagiarism is used to sustain the document’s originality and refrain from Plagiarism.

Along with the delivery of the order, a Plagiarized report will also be provided to the client, but no Turnitin report will be provided in the event of revisions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The placed order can be terminated at any time except when the order is completed and finalized. The client will be charged concerning the time of the cancellation process of the order.

In circumstances of discontent of the customer regarding the quality of the project, the company will compensate with a partial refund, but the company is authorized to deny the refund in the case of false claims. The cancellation or refund appeal must be in written form and sent through email in the note messaging system.

For the claim of poor quality, valid evidence must be provided. If the Quality department accepts the claim, the company will refund the amount as per refund rules, but in the case of non-verified claims, the company will deny the request for a refund.


The company has the right to amend the above-mentioned clauses in the agreement, and the client is certain to follow the alterations in the agreement if the customer wants to continue with the services provided by the company. The modifications will be updated on the company’s site, and the company will be responsible for informing the client.